It’s Always a Good day For Fish

It always a good for Halibut, Rock fish, Lingcod, and Sea Bass. It is also always a good day for Rockfish and Lingcod today near Natural Bridges and Lighthouse. Fishing was great for all types of species here today.

Fishing was good today and the weather man was wrong about heavy winds in the morning. It is great on the inshore and there have been a few Salmon caught in the shallow water. Fishing is improving as the water conditions improve.

Fishing was not fast, but interesting on variety. It is still going good here in Santa Cruz. It that night was good in waves but the fish scattered when big sharks crept into the chum slick. It was one of the few things that brought him some much-needed joy, not to mention some much-needed money. Fishing is defined by its long stretches of boredom punctuated by a few brief, thrilling moments of excitement.

Fishing is great for Halibut from Mile Buoy, Capitola to Manresa. It is still about the same with some catching and others struggling. It is much more than casting and retrieving and playing your catch. It is so big in Swain County that it has outgrown this page .